Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Parkour Bail

Hello Everyone!  Carl and Jonny get into a capoeria battle one day and then I take a huge bail when we are out parkouring!  Awesome week!

They're Breakdance Fighting

We start with some more bad dancing by yours truly.  Then Carl and Jonny get into a cool looking capoeira tussle.  Later Dylan wants to rekindle hes skater boy youth and bring in his new deck to show off some tricks.  Finally after weeks of attempts I finish that V4 I had been working on!  That was probably the most attempts I've ever made at a problem.  I'm pumped that I finally finished it!!

Huge Parkour Bail

The heat wave continues in Toronto so Jonny, Dylan and I head out for an awesome day of parkouing!  We found two new locations today and had a great time exploring them through our noob-ish parkour moves!  Just before we wrap it up after a long day I decide to go for one final jump, and the biggest one yet.  This was clearly not the smartest idea as I take a SPECTACULAR bail!  I gave up almost immediately after taking off.  Why?  I don't know!  But no serious harm done, just a bit of a sore neck the next day :)

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