Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Parkour Bail

Hello Everyone!  Carl and Jonny get into a capoeria battle one day and then I take a huge bail when we are out parkouring!  Awesome week!

They're Breakdance Fighting

We start with some more bad dancing by yours truly.  Then Carl and Jonny get into a cool looking capoeira tussle.  Later Dylan wants to rekindle hes skater boy youth and bring in his new deck to show off some tricks.  Finally after weeks of attempts I finish that V4 I had been working on!  That was probably the most attempts I've ever made at a problem.  I'm pumped that I finally finished it!!

Huge Parkour Bail

The heat wave continues in Toronto so Jonny, Dylan and I head out for an awesome day of parkouing!  We found two new locations today and had a great time exploring them through our noob-ish parkour moves!  Just before we wrap it up after a long day I decide to go for one final jump, and the biggest one yet.  This was clearly not the smartest idea as I take a SPECTACULAR bail!  I gave up almost immediately after taking off.  Why?  I don't know!  But no serious harm done, just a bit of a sore neck the next day :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Parkour Day

Hello World!  First day of parkour for the year!!  Its great to finally get outside!  Plus a fun, well rounded training session.

Martyr Feeling Frisky

Eli must have eaten something weird for breakfast today because he was acting rather strange at the beginning of practice.  Wrestling people and doing a freaky dance with Carl, and there were some things so grotesque that I couldn't even show them in this video.  But then he made up for it by leading us through some sweet punching/kicking drills.  We finish up the day with some new, harder XSD conditioning.

First Parkour Day

James must have been holding in some anger towards us because he went on a jujitsu rampage when he came into the studio!  Fortunately Jonny and I escaped mostly unharmed and we fled for the safety of the outdoors.  There we realized that a freaky spring time heat wave had struck Toronto which allowed Jonny and I to do some parkouring extra early this year!  Boy it feels great to be exercising out in the sun with some fresh air!  It is hilarious to watch this as it is painfully clear this is our first day out parkouring.  You can see our fear and hesitation as we make some small and weak jumps.  But eventually we get comfortable and it ends up being a really fun day!  Later I try and fail many times on a V4 that I have been working on for a while.  Very frustrating!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jonny the NINJA CAT

Hello Everyone!  Today you get THREE whole videos!!  The first ever month in review starts us off, then Jonny has a SPECTACULAR bail and finally some tough battles at the climbing gym!

Month in Review: Jan & Feb

This is the first ever Month in Review for my blog.  As I started at the end of January it seemed logical to do this for both Jan & Feb.  I plan on doing one of these for every month as they come along, but that might change.  Who knows!?!

Jonny the NINJA CAT

Jonny and I were working on some random stunt gags when he pulls the most SPECTACULAR BAIL I have seen in a long time!!  SOMEHOW he manages to harness his inner feline in mid-air and save himself from the worst of the fall (unfortunately).  I didn't see it happen at the time as he was flying over me but when I saw it while editing I knew it deserved the quadruple repeat!  :P  Oh and there's some dancing and climbing  :)

Tough Battles

Carl, Jonny and I hit up the climbing gym for what would turn out to be some very tough battles on the bouldering wall.  It was hard, it was ugly, and not all of us made it but eventually Jonny gets a fun V2 and I finish an annoyingly crimpy V3 I'd been working on for a while.  It always feels great to finally finish a climb after so many tries!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wire Fails!

Hello Everyone!  Another fun two days of training to show!  The first shows our boxing skills and the second has some funny attempts at a wire gag among other things!

Balboa Day

Today Mr. Martyr shows us some fun boxing drills.  Just like with my kicks compared to Carl's in the last training video, it is funny to see my punches compared to Eli's.  He clearly has better, stronger punches.  Seems I've still got lots of training to do!  After that just a short tricking session with Jonny and then some XSD conditioning where Jonny and I decide to insult Carl the whole time he is going.  It was all for fun though, and a bit of pay back for him from earlier.

Wire Fails

Jonny, Carl, Dylan and I work on a wire gag that goes comically bad a number of times.  We get quite a few funny spills but eventually we locked it in.  After Carl and Dylan teach Jonny and I a sword combo they have been working on.  It was a little slow going at first but I think we get it pretty well by the end.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Training Days

Hello All!  Yet another double video post as I am still trying to catch up to the present day! Just some fun, chill training days to show. Lots of kicks, lots of flips!

Friday Night Session

Eric and I go for a late night session at RMA. Even though there were only two of us the energy was still pretty good and I landed a b-twist s/t cork s/t cork!! Which I've only ever landed once before!! I was pretty excited but I land off camera so you dont get to really see that :( Oh well I'll just have to land more fully on camera!

Tons of Kicks

Carl, Jonny, Dylan, Eric and I were in for a very well rounded training session. We started of with a sweet kicking warm-up led by Carl, then into some XSD condition and I finish up with a little trick session! I was surprised to see how bad my kicks look compared to Carl's.  I cant see mine as I'm doing them so this is the first time I could compare ours.  Man he has nice kicks!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Return of Mr. Martyr

Hello All!  Elisha joins us back from his work trip to Cuba.  He had to convince us it was actually him when he walked in the door because he is SO MUCH DARKER than when he left!!  But he is back, and joins us for a video test day and a truly awesome tricking day!!

Visit to Green Land

The team + Gak Attack takes a trip to another studio to shoot some tests for those upcoming projects we have been working on.  Hopefully this video gives you a bit of an idea of how we go about working on these projects of ours, and what the working atmosphere is like for us.  It was a fun and relaxed day, but still productive.

Try It Till You Get It

This was one of the most rewarding days of training I've ever had!  :D  I got some moves that I have never tried before, but it was not just luck. I earned those tricks after trying them SO MANY times.  There were even more attempts than what I put in this video, but dont worry you will see me fall PLENTY of times!  Carl, Jonny, Dylan, Eric and Eli also kill it so it made for an awesome day all round!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working On Some New Projects

Hello All!  Gak Attack makes an appearance in today's installment.  He is in the studio to help with some up coming projects.  Also Carl and I head to the climbing gym for some tough problems.  Some we conquer, some we do not.

Some New Projects

More bad dancing, followed by a cool-ish breaking inspired combo.  Then we have the appearance of Gak Attack!  He's in the studio to help us on some up coming projects.  James and Chris are also in to help choreograph some fights but Carl has a hard time appreciating Chris' style.  Maybe with a few more demonstrations he'll understand.

A Bit Stronger

At the climbing gym, feeling a little bit stronger now that I have the time to come back more regularly.  We both fail hard at a V4, Carl almost completes a tough run for him and after MANY tries I get a very troublesome V3.  Then some goofing around made for a pretty good day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

First Flipping Out SPECIAL!!!

Hello All!  This is the release of the first ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  Plus a training session where I got a new, hard combo for me that I think looks pretty coooool!


The first ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  These are videos of outings/event/trips that I feel deserve a little more attention.  So I attempt to flex my video editing muscles and make a video that is "cooler" than my normal ones!  This first SPECIAL is from a trip Carl, Dylan and I took to the Rocky Mountains.  The unusual show that the guys were working on flew them out to Calgary, Alberta so I decided to join  them afterwards to "shred some GNAR" as Dylan liked to say.  We had an awesome three days snowboarding and we filmed this video on the last day.  Jonny also joined us one day on the mountain but decided to spend the day on different peak and Sunshine Mountain with his brothers.  It was an AWESOME trip and I hope that comes across in the video!!

Gangster New Combo!

The bad dancing continues unfortunately, however Carl inspired me to do a new combo which comes in at 56sec.  Now this is obviously low scale when it comes to the really good people out there but it was hard for me, and fun to do so I was excited!!  :)  Also, Carl and I fail at trying Rodeo Corks, Carl and Dylan work on a sword fight, and we initiate the 2X Side Tuck Distance World Championships!!  I win!  :P

PLUS here is a link to the show that brought Carl, Jonny, Dylan and Eric to Calgary.  Its not just of their set but you can catch glimpses of them here and there.  For a style that is VERY different from our usual I think they did well!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello World!  A double bill for you today!  The first climbing video I have ever posted and then a fun tricking day where things get a little out of control... you'll see what I mean.

Getting Back Into Climbing

Well after being away quite a bit for work and stuff my climbing muscles got weak, as is evident in my falling all over the place.  But I did manage to get some runs, mostly on the second day.  I finished a V4 I had been working on, a V2, and two rather fun V3's in that order.

Awesome Group Session

Most of the gang was on hand today for a sweet tricking session!  Everyone was throwing down pretty hard which created an awesome energy in the studio!  Later Carl, Jonny, Dylan and Eric were rehearsing their unusual show when things somehow got a little... out of hand.  Afterwards Carl shows off his sound effect skills and I go climbing with Cassandra.  Awesome day!!  :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


HELLO WORLD!!  This is my first ever blog post!!  Woohooo!!!  It will look like what I think most of my future posts will look like; a video followed by a short description.  I will also add cool links, facts, thoughts and ideas in my future posts.  I started filming at the end of January but only got this blog up and running now so I will post two or three videos a day until I catch up to the present, when I will post one video each time we train.

Intro Video!

This blog will be about the training I do with my friends and teammates from Team 2X.  I mostly train tricking, parkour, martial arts, rock climbing and break dancing.  But the team and I also get up to a whole bunch of other adventures which will be featured in this blog with "SPECIAL" videos.  There will be a video coming up every time I train, which is quite often so check back regularly!


First training session to go up on the web!!  Let the brutal dancing begin!!  :P  I am definitely not a break dancer, or any kind of dancer really, but I WANT TO BE!!  So, as much as it pains me to put some truly horrible dance moves up here (the first time of many) I am hoping I will eventually become kind of good at it, and you can see my progress along the way!  As well I had a pretty decent tricking session with Dylan, Eric and Jonny at RMA.

Solo Session...Mostly

More brutal dancing!!  The other guys from the team were working on a show we've been hired for.  As you will see it is DEFINITELY not our usual style, but I think they still pull it off.  With the other guys busy I had a pretty sweet tricking session by myself.  I got some new capoeira inspired combos and worked on my Jackknife and Windmills.  Plus Carl has a sweet little combo at the end!