Thursday, March 8, 2012


HELLO WORLD!!  This is my first ever blog post!!  Woohooo!!!  It will look like what I think most of my future posts will look like; a video followed by a short description.  I will also add cool links, facts, thoughts and ideas in my future posts.  I started filming at the end of January but only got this blog up and running now so I will post two or three videos a day until I catch up to the present, when I will post one video each time we train.

Intro Video!

This blog will be about the training I do with my friends and teammates from Team 2X.  I mostly train tricking, parkour, martial arts, rock climbing and break dancing.  But the team and I also get up to a whole bunch of other adventures which will be featured in this blog with "SPECIAL" videos.  There will be a video coming up every time I train, which is quite often so check back regularly!


First training session to go up on the web!!  Let the brutal dancing begin!!  :P  I am definitely not a break dancer, or any kind of dancer really, but I WANT TO BE!!  So, as much as it pains me to put some truly horrible dance moves up here (the first time of many) I am hoping I will eventually become kind of good at it, and you can see my progress along the way!  As well I had a pretty decent tricking session with Dylan, Eric and Jonny at RMA.

Solo Session...Mostly

More brutal dancing!!  The other guys from the team were working on a show we've been hired for.  As you will see it is DEFINITELY not our usual style, but I think they still pull it off.  With the other guys busy I had a pretty sweet tricking session by myself.  I got some new capoeira inspired combos and worked on my Jackknife and Windmills.  Plus Carl has a sweet little combo at the end!

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