Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jonny the NINJA CAT

Hello Everyone!  Today you get THREE whole videos!!  The first ever month in review starts us off, then Jonny has a SPECTACULAR bail and finally some tough battles at the climbing gym!

Month in Review: Jan & Feb

This is the first ever Month in Review for my blog.  As I started at the end of January it seemed logical to do this for both Jan & Feb.  I plan on doing one of these for every month as they come along, but that might change.  Who knows!?!

Jonny the NINJA CAT

Jonny and I were working on some random stunt gags when he pulls the most SPECTACULAR BAIL I have seen in a long time!!  SOMEHOW he manages to harness his inner feline in mid-air and save himself from the worst of the fall (unfortunately).  I didn't see it happen at the time as he was flying over me but when I saw it while editing I knew it deserved the quadruple repeat!  :P  Oh and there's some dancing and climbing  :)

Tough Battles

Carl, Jonny and I hit up the climbing gym for what would turn out to be some very tough battles on the bouldering wall.  It was hard, it was ugly, and not all of us made it but eventually Jonny gets a fun V2 and I finish an annoyingly crimpy V3 I'd been working on for a while.  It always feels great to finally finish a climb after so many tries!

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