Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Training Days

Hello All!  Yet another double video post as I am still trying to catch up to the present day! Just some fun, chill training days to show. Lots of kicks, lots of flips!

Friday Night Session

Eric and I go for a late night session at RMA. Even though there were only two of us the energy was still pretty good and I landed a b-twist s/t cork s/t cork!! Which I've only ever landed once before!! I was pretty excited but I land off camera so you dont get to really see that :( Oh well I'll just have to land more fully on camera!

Tons of Kicks

Carl, Jonny, Dylan, Eric and I were in for a very well rounded training session. We started of with a sweet kicking warm-up led by Carl, then into some XSD condition and I finish up with a little trick session! I was surprised to see how bad my kicks look compared to Carl's.  I cant see mine as I'm doing them so this is the first time I could compare ours.  Man he has nice kicks!

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