Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wire Fails!

Hello Everyone!  Another fun two days of training to show!  The first shows our boxing skills and the second has some funny attempts at a wire gag among other things!

Balboa Day

Today Mr. Martyr shows us some fun boxing drills.  Just like with my kicks compared to Carl's in the last training video, it is funny to see my punches compared to Eli's.  He clearly has better, stronger punches.  Seems I've still got lots of training to do!  After that just a short tricking session with Jonny and then some XSD conditioning where Jonny and I decide to insult Carl the whole time he is going.  It was all for fun though, and a bit of pay back for him from earlier.

Wire Fails

Jonny, Carl, Dylan and I work on a wire gag that goes comically bad a number of times.  We get quite a few funny spills but eventually we locked it in.  After Carl and Dylan teach Jonny and I a sword combo they have been working on.  It was a little slow going at first but I think we get it pretty well by the end.

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