Monday, March 12, 2012

First Flipping Out SPECIAL!!!

Hello All!  This is the release of the first ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  Plus a training session where I got a new, hard combo for me that I think looks pretty coooool!


The first ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  These are videos of outings/event/trips that I feel deserve a little more attention.  So I attempt to flex my video editing muscles and make a video that is "cooler" than my normal ones!  This first SPECIAL is from a trip Carl, Dylan and I took to the Rocky Mountains.  The unusual show that the guys were working on flew them out to Calgary, Alberta so I decided to join  them afterwards to "shred some GNAR" as Dylan liked to say.  We had an awesome three days snowboarding and we filmed this video on the last day.  Jonny also joined us one day on the mountain but decided to spend the day on different peak and Sunshine Mountain with his brothers.  It was an AWESOME trip and I hope that comes across in the video!!

Gangster New Combo!

The bad dancing continues unfortunately, however Carl inspired me to do a new combo which comes in at 56sec.  Now this is obviously low scale when it comes to the really good people out there but it was hard for me, and fun to do so I was excited!!  :)  Also, Carl and I fail at trying Rodeo Corks, Carl and Dylan work on a sword fight, and we initiate the 2X Side Tuck Distance World Championships!!  I win!  :P

PLUS here is a link to the show that brought Carl, Jonny, Dylan and Eric to Calgary.  Its not just of their set but you can catch glimpses of them here and there.  For a style that is VERY different from our usual I think they did well!

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