Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working On Some New Projects

Hello All!  Gak Attack makes an appearance in today's installment.  He is in the studio to help with some up coming projects.  Also Carl and I head to the climbing gym for some tough problems.  Some we conquer, some we do not.

Some New Projects

More bad dancing, followed by a cool-ish breaking inspired combo.  Then we have the appearance of Gak Attack!  He's in the studio to help us on some up coming projects.  James and Chris are also in to help choreograph some fights but Carl has a hard time appreciating Chris' style.  Maybe with a few more demonstrations he'll understand.

A Bit Stronger

At the climbing gym, feeling a little bit stronger now that I have the time to come back more regularly.  We both fail hard at a V4, Carl almost completes a tough run for him and after MANY tries I get a very troublesome V3.  Then some goofing around made for a pretty good day!

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