Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello World!  A double bill for you today!  The first climbing video I have ever posted and then a fun tricking day where things get a little out of control... you'll see what I mean.

Getting Back Into Climbing

Well after being away quite a bit for work and stuff my climbing muscles got weak, as is evident in my falling all over the place.  But I did manage to get some runs, mostly on the second day.  I finished a V4 I had been working on, a V2, and two rather fun V3's in that order.

Awesome Group Session

Most of the gang was on hand today for a sweet tricking session!  Everyone was throwing down pretty hard which created an awesome energy in the studio!  Later Carl, Jonny, Dylan and Eric were rehearsing their unusual show when things somehow got a little... out of hand.  Afterwards Carl shows off his sound effect skills and I go climbing with Cassandra.  Awesome day!!  :)