Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Parkour Day

Hello World!  First day of parkour for the year!!  Its great to finally get outside!  Plus a fun, well rounded training session.

Martyr Feeling Frisky

Eli must have eaten something weird for breakfast today because he was acting rather strange at the beginning of practice.  Wrestling people and doing a freaky dance with Carl, and there were some things so grotesque that I couldn't even show them in this video.  But then he made up for it by leading us through some sweet punching/kicking drills.  We finish up the day with some new, harder XSD conditioning.

First Parkour Day

James must have been holding in some anger towards us because he went on a jujitsu rampage when he came into the studio!  Fortunately Jonny and I escaped mostly unharmed and we fled for the safety of the outdoors.  There we realized that a freaky spring time heat wave had struck Toronto which allowed Jonny and I to do some parkouring extra early this year!  Boy it feels great to be exercising out in the sun with some fresh air!  It is hilarious to watch this as it is painfully clear this is our first day out parkouring.  You can see our fear and hesitation as we make some small and weak jumps.  But eventually we get comfortable and it ends up being a really fun day!  Later I try and fail many times on a V4 that I have been working on for a while.  Very frustrating!

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