Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Return of Mr. Martyr

Hello All!  Elisha joins us back from his work trip to Cuba.  He had to convince us it was actually him when he walked in the door because he is SO MUCH DARKER than when he left!!  But he is back, and joins us for a video test day and a truly awesome tricking day!!

Visit to Green Land

The team + Gak Attack takes a trip to another studio to shoot some tests for those upcoming projects we have been working on.  Hopefully this video gives you a bit of an idea of how we go about working on these projects of ours, and what the working atmosphere is like for us.  It was a fun and relaxed day, but still productive.

Try It Till You Get It

This was one of the most rewarding days of training I've ever had!  :D  I got some moves that I have never tried before, but it was not just luck. I earned those tricks after trying them SO MANY times.  There were even more attempts than what I put in this video, but dont worry you will see me fall PLENTY of times!  Carl, Jonny, Dylan, Eric and Eli also kill it so it made for an awesome day all round!

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