Monday, April 2, 2012

Carl's Magical Backyard

Hello Everyone!  This is the first video showing you what summer days in Carl's awesome backyard are like!  Plus as Dylan is simply trying to clean up the floor in RMA, Eli instigates a massive and brutal wrestling battle.  What a bully!

Carl's Magical Backyard

This is your first introduction to the wonderful world that is Carl's backyard!  Many a summer day were spent here last year and thanks to this awesome heat wave we are getting an early crack at doing the same this year!  Carl built a jump/ramp and dug a sand pit for landings late last year and this was my first chance using it.  It is awesome!  It gets you tons of height and it's a lot more sturdy than it looks.  Hopefully we can build more things this year and make his backyard into a training paradise!  The other guys weren't feeling like going hard of the jump like I was but it was still a super fun/chill/relaxing day in the sun!

 Rowdy Tricking Session

What started off as a nice, relaxing day of training at RMA soon turned into a full out free-for-all wrestling battle!  I sped it up so you don't have to hear our screams of pain, instead now it merely sounds like laughter.  But dont let that fool you!  This was serious, I think Dylan tore some ligaments and maybe even lost a...... testicle!  After that we all decided to be friends again and after some more training (and bad dancing) we all landed a bad side b-twist!  Later I go rock climbing where I failed many times at a really tough V4 and found a cool 5.12- climb whose bottom was just like a fun boulder problem.

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