Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Parkour at Brickworks

Hello World!  One of my favourite video I have made so far!  Matches one of my favourite days of the year!  Awesome day parkouring at Brickworks and a rewarding bouldering day!

Parkour at Brickworks

Wow I LOVE this heat wave!!  30 degress in Toronto in March!  That's unheard of!!  With weather like that I just had to go out and enjoy one of the few places of natural beauty in the city of Toronto.  Evergreen Brickworks was basically where I fell in love with parkour last year.  We had so many great days there expressing ourselves through movement, hanging out with friends and connecting with nature.  How could you not fall in love with that sport and that place?!  Well we got an early start at it this year and it was a great day!  Dylan and I started with some simple, fun pair stuff and then after Dylan left Yung and I were shooting a video to promote this sweet new iPhone app.  I love the sun!!!  Great day!!

Solo Bouldering

Went to the climbing gym by myself and had a pretty good session.  I find I can train solo quite effectively, I can be fairly dedicated/regimented if I want and pulled I that off fairly well here.  I had quite a few tries on two very challenging V4's at first.  They are a little beyond my level at this point but I'm hoping if I keep trying them I will get them eventually.  Then I made a lot of attempts at a problem that was probably somewhere between V3 and 4.  I only tried it so many times because I knew I could get it... and I did!  I love getting a run at the end of a long, hard day!

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