Friday, April 20, 2012

Triple Discipline

Hello All!  Trained three disciplines today, and had a great time doing all of them!

Triple Discipline

Martyr and Eric start off by both doing their best Mike Tyson impression.  Not quite sure who has the better one!  Then Eli led us through a new series of boxing drills where we weren't hitting pads but instead we had to parry/block/dodge the punches.  A fun challenge and again something Eli looks much more comfortable doing than me!  After we had a fairly low key tricking session.  I haven't been feeling too into tricking recently and I think my body is recognizing that because my muscles did not feel like going hard on the tricks today.  Later that day I went to Scarborough Gym Elites and trained some parkour moves.  I worked on what I think are called plyometric jumps (the one foot jumps from beam to beam).  I finished up working on my fly-aways and landed a double full fly-away for the first time!  Yay!!

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