Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Month in Review: March

Hello Everyone!  March is over, and with its end comes my second month in review.  A brief summary: I love parkour!  Plus the last video from footage I have been storing.  I'm finally caught up to the present date!


The start of a philosophical exploration of parkour?  Perhaps!  Reply to me and well see what happens!

Lots of Noise

Eric brought in some new music today which did a good job of pumping us up for training, but sounds kind of crazy when cut up for these purposes :P  Anyway, my friend Taylor gave me some very helpful pointers about top rock the other day and so I feel like my breakdancing looks an extremely tiny degree better.  I still have to practice what he showed me and then improve on that like a thousand times before I think I will look good.  But either way it's progress!  The guys were throwing down lots of flips today but my legs didn't feel like jumping so I left them to the acro and I stuck with the breaking.  I think I can definitely see some improvements on my windmills in this!  I am finally starting to feel like I sort of know what I'm doing in that move!   Plus Eric lands a crazy move that I forgot the name of! 540 twist?  California Roll?   Something!  He jumps and twists a lot and it looks cool!   Good job Eric!!

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