Monday, April 16, 2012

Waterloo Parkour

Hello Everyone!  I had a fun parkour day on Friday and then a great weekend so I thought I would share an idea I had.

Waterloo Parkour

Double parkour training day today!  Started off early in the morning with Dylan hitting up that big rock we found the other week.  It was fun as we were forced to get a little creative so we didn't just repeat the things we did last time.  We were joined by Eli very briefly in the park where I had my huge bail.  He quickly showed me up doing the kong that I fell on, as I knew he would.  Why does he have to be so good at things?!  Later after 4 hours of driving  in brutal traffic my legs HAD to jump so I went to a new location in Waterloo, Ont.  I had a great time there as initially I couldn't see much to do but after hanging around I found some fun obstacles.  Also there were some jumps that scared me when I first checked them out but after psyching myself up I was able to do them!  It's always great to conquer some fears in a parkour session!

Interesting Thought of the Day!
If we didn't have supermarkets, we wouldn't have people damaging the environment.

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