Thursday, April 5, 2012

Manliness SPECIAL!

Hello World!  Oh my goodness, the second ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  This one is full of equal parts manliness and hilarity!  Plus a training session where we each express a bit of our creative side!


Ohhhh shoot son!  Second ever Flipping Out SPECIAL!!  What started out as a normal day of training soon turned into one of the funniest times I've ever had with the team!  There was blood, tears, and huge fluctuations in hormone levels.  That's all that has to be said, but just a warning to all the ladies out there: if your in a relationship maybe you shouldn't watch this, afterwards you may find yourself with an unyielding and insatiable attraction to a 2X member.

Creative Combos

Training started off a little slow today, our bodies and spirits were lagging behind our scheduled start time.  Except for Martyr, he somehow always has tons of energy at the beginning of training.  Well Dylan, Eric and I started out slow, but eventually we got into the swing of things by expressing ourselves a little bit.  Everyone was doing some cool, new combos as a way to get started.  Watching this I can see a lot of Dylan, Eric and Eli in the moves they do, I wonder what you guys can learn about us from watching how we move?

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