Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back from the Dead

Hello World!  Contrary to what the recent inactivity of my posts would have you believe, I am alive and well.  I have been having such amazing experience and adventures that I haven't had time to update this blog in almost 6 months!!  Yikes!  Thats way too long.  Working on that movie took up a good chuck of that time, as well as travelling lots and loving life!  Laziness may have played a small part in my dry spell, but I think I was concentrating more on having a great time with awesome people in cool places.  As well, I've been trying to work through some personal issues I've been having.  Either way it has been way too long since I last posted and I have been feeling the lack of creation in my life.  Certainly I haven't stopped training and adventuring, but I've realized that it feels damn good to make videos, tell a story; take something from my brain and put it in a form I can share with other people.  It is excellent and I have missed it, but I'm back at it, and I'm glad!  :D

So briefly, I worked on a movie as the lead character's stunt double.  Unreal experience, may haps I'll write a post dedicated to just that.   That occupied my time up until November, 2012.  Free from that, I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah on my birthday to join my girlfriend, Cassandra, and our friend who have been living and working at an internship there for 2 months already.  We stayed there for another month and a half having an AMAZING TIME!!  They would work during the day, I would rock climb, snowboard, play saxophone, read, and spend too much time on Reddit, basically doing whatever I wanted.  On the weekends we would have wild adventures in southern Utah and Colorado.  Oh my god if you ever get the chance to explore that part of the world do it!  It is unique and incredibly beautiful!  I will post two videos from those adventures today.  Of course they cannot show you what it is truly like there, but hopefully it is enough to light the fire to get you to go.

After my amazing time in Utah, Cassandra and I drove up through Montana to Calgary, Alberta stopping at Big Sky and Fernie to board.  Hot damn!  Fernie had a lot of powder the three days we were there!  I went home for Christmas which was great to see the whole family again, especially with my sister and her new husband coming home from England.  Three weeks in Toronto was fun hanging out with friends and training, then it was back to Calgary for more snowboarding and climbing!  A few weekend trips to Fernie and Revelstoke and I feel like my boarding is at a whole new level!!  Damn it feels good to play on and interact with a snow covered mountain, and Revelstoke... oh my goodness if Revelstoke is not the most fun mountain in the world than I dont know what is!  Hopefully that video will come out soon!

Two weeks in Calgary gone and Cassandra and I were off to Hawaii, where we were joined by my sister.  We have been here for two weeks now and it has been two of the best weeks of my life!!  Hawaii is hot and sunny - it has the pacific ocean, waves, surfing, chill people, and a culture that is a strange mix of Thailand, Japan and America.  It's been amazing so far and I have another TWO MONTHS HERE!!!  Ahhh my god it blows my mind still that I get to be here so long!!  It was awesome to have my sister here, and sad to see her leave, but we have a number of other visitors coming and and we have made some super cool friends already.  I cant wait to share with everyone some of the awesome adventures I have had, and will have while I'm in this beautiful place  :D

Ok that intro went a little longer than I expected, but I'm glad to share it!  Now on to the videos!  Two from my trip to Utah and then the episode of Ultimate Fan Fights I was in!

GoPro Slot Canyoneering
As my first adventure in Utah my friends and I went canyoneering in Leprechaun Canyon.  None of us really had any idea what it would be like, all we knew was that parts of the movie 127 Hours was shot in this canyon.  Once we started the day we were already blown away by the gorgeous scenery on the drive, and when we got hiking and in the actual canyon we all had the biggest, goofiest smiles on our faces!!  It ended up being one of the most awesome outdoor experiences I have ever had!  SUCH A FUN DAY!!  I absolutely recommend anyone who is physically fit and likes adventures go do a slot canyon in southern Utah!

Hidden Canyon Adventure, Zion
A long weekend in Utah and you better believe we headed to Zion National Park for some sick adventures!  We left Salt Lake in the morning so we only had time for a short hike in the afternoon but Hidden Canyon ended up blowing our expectations away!  Perhaps this video doesn't do a good enough job of capturing what it was really like being there, but damn it was nice!  Awesome adventure, beautiful scenery, great people... cant ask for much more :)

UFF Ep. 4 - Ezio vs Solid Snake
For those of you who couldn't tell, I was Ezio :P  It was crazy shooting this as it was damn cold (like 5 to 10deg Celsius) and rainy every day.  Not to mention, this shoot took place while my movie shoot was currently going on!  So instead of getting these 4 days to rest and recover I got to do more crazy stunts and then go right back to my movie!  Damn what a whirlwind, but it was so worth it!  :)  It was crazy and stressful but looking back it was a great experience.  I did some cool ass stunts: flipping off a moving car, the roof gap and diving off that high roof into a bunch of cardboard boxes. Not to mention all the hand-to-hand fighting we did that James was being super picky about, but I'm glad he was because it looks great!  George (Solid Snake) kicked ass as did the whole crew.  It was a great time and I hope everyone enjoys the video!

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