Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer School is OVER!!

Hello everyone!  I am finally done summer school!!  It was a lot harder to get back into student mode than I had originally thought!  I didn't get to train much over the last 3 months and I only was able to film little bits here and there.  I have made two videos of some of my training and adventures with the guys.  Also, summer school ended a while ago but the day after I finished I got a job as the lead character's stunt double on a movie!  It's awesome but it has left me with very little free time which is why these videos are only coming out now.  Unfortunately this also means that I don't think very many videos will be coming out for the next few months :(   I have plans to improve the blog at night, but I am working all day so cool adventures wont be happening that often.  I do have travel plans for after the movie so I should be getting up to some entertaining stuff in November.  Hopefully you'll like what I have to share until then!

Summer School Dayz
Here is a compilation of the random things I filmed during my training over the three months I was in summer school.  There is a parkour day in there as well as some gym and tricking session, stunt stuff Dylan and I were working on and some other random fun things :)

Summer School Parkour
The boys and I found a day to head downtown Toronto to get in some pk action in on one of my days off from summer school.  It was a good day but unfortunately a little short.  I cant wait to get back out there!!

Also here is the next episode of our Ultimate Fan Fights webseries!  Ryu vs. Scorpion!  I even do two of the stunts as Scorpion!  Hope you enjoy!

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