Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batman vs. Captain America

Hello Everyone!

Again I apologize about the lack of posts.  Summer school is killing me!  I come home, watch parkour and rock climbing videos and get sad that I can't train every day :(  I do get to meet up with the guys on Fridays though and we filmed a fun video last week, but because of my homework I haven't been able to edit it.  When I am done school on August 13th I will probably celebrate by training like mad and going climbing outdoors and stuff.  THEN I will edit a bunch of videos of the footage I have been saving up over the past three months!!

BUT in the mean time, the project that I said the team was working on a LONG time ago has finally arrived!!  It is called Ultimate Fan Fights (UFF) and we are making a web series of epic battles between two fictional characters!  The first episode is out and its Batman vs. Captain America.  Eli played  the captain and Eric played Batman and I think they did a kick ass job!  Check it out!!

There are more to come soon so keep checking in to get updates!!  Now back to homework :P

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