Monday, May 7, 2012

Magical Parkour Adventure

Hello World!  Another Flipping Out SPECIAL here for you today!  Plus you get an extended version of the adventure we took.  What a treat!  :P

Magical Parkour Adventure
Jonny, Dlyan, Eli and I headed to the Scarborough Bluffs for some outdoor parkour fun.  Little did we realize we would be undertaking an awesome adventure up, over and down the cliffs, through swarms of insects, clearing massive gaps and tight-rope walking across perilous bridges!!  There was even a fawn to guide us!  Kidding <3  Seriously we did get up to an awesome adventure, we had really great time doing it and had a lot of fun jumping around the rocks at the water's edge after.  We had  such a good day that I thought I should make a SPECIAL out of it.  I hope you can get a sense of the fun we had through this video :)

Plus check out the extended version if you want to feel what it's like going on a hike with us.  Listen to all our stupid jokes and witty(?) banter!  I personally love when Jonny overshoots his jump and hangs on by his toes!

Magical Parkour Adventure EXTENDED ADVENTURE EDIT... Now with more adventure
This is the extended version of Magical Parkour Adventure.  We had such a great time on the hike that I thought I should post a mostly unedited version so you can hear what we say to each other and really feel what it's like to go on a hike with us.  Check out the full version if you want to see more flips and blend modes :)

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