Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KILLING the Wallflips

Hello there!  Again decided to neglect my homework duties and made a video instead :)

KILLING the Wallflips

I went to Waterloo, Ont to spend the May long weekend with my awesome girlfriend.  While she was studying away I couldn't resist the nice weather and had to do some parkour around the University of Waterloo campus.  I was thinking I would have a relaxed session but I must have been super powered by the sun because I ended up throwing down HARD!  I tried and landed 5 NEW WALLFLIPS for the FIRST TIME outside!  Everything other than the first 2-step wallflip I have never tried, or even really thought about trying outside before!  After that major boost I continued to explore the campus and found some pretty decent spots.  I really like the chest high concrete block I found where I did those 4 flowy-ish combos.  Towards the end of the day Cass joins me and does a few tricks of her own!  Amazing and unexpectedly successful day!!

Interesting Pic of the Day!

I know its a few weeks late but its still good.  Why is one considered appropriate and the other ridiculous?

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