Thursday, May 17, 2012

Instead of Doing Homework I made Videos!

Hello Everyone!  So this is my first post in a few weeks because as the title implies I have started school.  I am taking a whole lot of summer school courses to finally finish my degree!  Yay!!  Unfortunately this means I wont be able to spend as much time making sweet videos.  Boo!  I finished an exam the other day so I thought that was a good excuse to catch up on my videos!  I had footage from three days so you get three videos today.  I'll try and keep them coming regularly but that kind of depends on my work load.

Tricking in a Swarm of Bees

Jonny, Dylan, Eli and I were on our way to a rock climbing session but decided to do some outdoor tricking as a warm up.  We scoured the area around the climbing gym and found a lovely looking patch of grass, BUT attached to that was the beginning of a forest trail.  OBVIOUSLY we took trail!!  It lead us into a ravine and found a river at the bottom where the video starts.  After we explored down there we headed back up for our tricking session but we didn't realize that that patch of grass was home to a colony of bees.  The more we tricked the more they came out and by the end they were probably thousands!  But for whatever reasons these ones were chill.  They didn't want to sting us, just fly all around us.  They were grey-coloured and looked smaller than normal wasps but definitely were wasps.  If there are any bee experts out there who want to shed some light on this I am curious to find out what was up with those little guys!

Awesome Gym Pk Session

Another night at Scarborough Gym Elites means another night of new tricks!  I'm so productive when I am there!  I landed both a palm flip and a reverse fly-away barani for the first time!  Now I just have to do them outside!!

Parkour: Tony Hawk Stlye

Jonny, Eli and I headed to a skate park near Eli's new condo.  It was a really great session as the park wasn't busy and wasn't too big.  There weren't tons of ramps/jumps to use so we had jump get a little creative and combine our individual tricks into a bunch of group shots.  I am actually quite pleased with how these shots we threw together came out after just one or two tries! ...alright maybe three or four :P

Oh and Eric, Carl and I were in Gak Attack's latest video!  Check it out!!

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